5th Customer Onboarding and Experience for Utilities Summit 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Melvin WidodoMelvin Widodo
    Enterprise Data Modeller / Architect
    Momentum Energy
  • Ruth BroughamRuth Brougham
    Director Customer, Sales & Marketing
  • George HuntGeorge Hunt
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Smart Energy Water
  • Yassir BenhadiYassir Benhadi
    Customer Insights Specialist
    National Water Company
  • Chandra Ballabh NautiyalChandra Ballabh Nautiyal
    Head – Customer Service
    SUEZ India
  • Rajiv SharafRajiv Sharaf
    Head Of IT
    Torrent Power
  • Mohamed Omer MohamedMohamed Omer Mohamed
    Customer Experience Expert
    National Water Company
  • Safiya BelloSafiya Bello
    General Manager- Customer Service
    Abuja Electricity Distribution
  • Nagarajan KrishnanNagarajan Krishnan
    DGM- IT Operations
    Cairn India
  • Raj MendesRaj Mendes
    Managing Director
    The Customer Experience Company
  • Brad MeehanBrad Meehan
    Managing Director
    Strativity Group
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Customers are your most important stakeholders in any business and customer experience has become an increasing focus in the current market climate. It is critical for businesses to continually improve their customer onboarding process and experience strategy in order to ensure customer retention and loyalty which in turn drives profitability. Utilities companies, who used to have a monopoly, are now threatened by new competitors, market entrants and even substitutes entering the market which has put pressure on them to raise their level of efficiency in onboarding and customer management

Customers are becoming more demanding, expecting utilities to digitalize and innovate in order to deliver personalized products and services. Utilities Companies need to understand where and how they can improve customer loyalty while reducing churn! Research has also showed having a positive customer onboarding experience enhances long term retention, and this presents a huge opportunity for Utilities Companies to tap on for long term sustainable growth. As such, Utilities Companies need to understand how they can leverage digital transformation and technologies as part of their onboarding and customer experience management program to deliver a greater digital customer experience and onboarding experiences too.

Dedicated to the Utilities Industry, this November, Come Join The 5th Customer Onboarding & Experience For Utilities Summit where Renowned industry experts will share insightful knowledge on How you can Improve Your Customer Onboarding Process & Experiences. Plus! Gain Insights On How You Can Leverage On Data Analytics To Extract Useful Insights For Better Decision Making, How Mapping Customer Journey And Lifecycle Increased Visibility For Any Untapped Opportunity, How Digital Transformation Drive Customer Experience In Today’s Evolving Business Environment, Step By Step Guidance On How You Can Improve Your Customer Onboarding Process To Encourage Customer Retention and Brand Loyalty, Best Practices In Developing A Customer-Centric Strategy To Create A More Personalized Experience & Services and Many more!

Equip Global’s leading 5th Customer Onboarding & Experience for Utilities Summit taking place on the March 2022, LIVE ONLINE will provide a platform for likeminded individuals a learning opportunity. Expect to hear successful case studies from leading Utilities companies as they share their experiences and success factor on improving Customer Onboarding Process and Customer Experience. You cannot afford to miss it!

Attend this summit if you are an Utilities Company!


  • Best Practices In Developing A Customer-Centric Strategy To Create A More Personalized Experience & Services
  • Evaluate How Digital Transformation Drive Customer Experience In Today’s Evolving Utilities Business Environment
  • Learn How You Can Establish Good Relationship With New Customers through An Engaging Onboarding Experience 
  • How You Can Leverage On Data Analytics To Extract Useful Insights To Make Better Decisions
  • Exploring The Benefit Of Various Digital Technology such as Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Predictive Analytics To Streamline Process and Improve Customer Experience 
  • Learn How To Map Out Customer Journey For Your Utilities Company to Profit from Any Untapped Opportunities
  • Step By Step Guidance On How You Can Improve Your Customer Onboarding Process To Encourage Customer Retention and Brand Loyalty
  • Discuss How You Can Modernize Customer Onboarding Process To Improve Utilities Customer Experience 
  • Tap on the Various Opportunities to Interact with Industry Experts during Presentations, Q&A, Networking Breaks and Panel Discussions to get your Burning Customer Onboarding & Experience Questions answered at the Summit!
  • Participate at the 4 in-depth Workshops Led by Global Leading Industry Experts as They Share their Expertise on How you can Successfully Implement Effective Customer Onboarding & Experience Programs

Why attend another CX conference if you are an Utilities Company?

Make sure when you choose a CX conference, it's 100% focused on your industry so that you can MAXIMUM ROI!

This summit is Developed FOR YOU, if you are From across Power, Electricity, Energy, Gas, and Water Utility Companies and are from the following departments:

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Relationships
  • Service Delivery
  • Technology
  • Digital
  • Digital Innovation
  • Operations
  • Transformation
  • Business Process Management

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5th Customer Onboarding and Experience for Utilities Summit 2022
28 March 2022 - 31 March 2022
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