Digital Bancassurance Masterclass 2023 Live Online
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

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International Digital Bancassurance ExpertOver 30 years of industry experience

- Over 35 years of industry experience in insurance product development, pricing and distribution management. Huge amount of experience in digital bancassurance - Held senior positions in vario..

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You Need to be at this Leading Digital Bancassurance Masterclass!


Increasingly, insurers and retail banks are now looking to adopt a digital bancassurance to accelerate and drive insurance sales as a core part of its Bancassurance Strategy

Bancassurers are leveraging digital bancassurance channels, and need to use digitalization to drive bancassurance sales, marketing, distribution and customer experience and relationship management both across life and non-life insurance policies. However, there are significant challenges when it comes to planning and rolling out an effective digital bancassurance strategy whilst developing a proven strategy and framework in creating sustainable competitive advantage through building a digital bancassurance distribution capability.

Into its 14th edition, this 3 day Digital Bancassurance Masterclass happening 14-16 August 2023 LIVE ONLINE is a Comprehensive Outcome-Oriented Masterclass, and has been specially developed to help you develop an effective digital bancassurance roadmap for your company so that you can maximize your return on investment and profitability when implementing digital bancassurance strategies and adopting innovation. 

It will focus on current best practice in digital Bancassurance using the latest mix of concepts and strategies. The workshop will cover key essentials, including: customer journey, using social media, removing the barriers to digital sales success , online marketing, the role and effectiveness of branches in an increasingly digital world, the powerful disruptive impact of Fintech and Insurtech on effective product design for digital distribution and working together to build a best practice digital Bancassurance channel.

By the end of the 3-day masterclass in person, You will gain comprehensive knowledge of what is happening globally in Digital Bancassurance and practical knowledge and techniques that you can use to improve your Bancassurance strategy and digital channel effectiveness. Don't miss out! 

15 Key Takeaways by Attending this Masterclass:

  • Learn how to leverage the digital distribution capability that exist within your organisation
  • Understand the power of a Digital Bancassurance Strategy and how it can positively impact your bancassurance portfolio performance
  • Improve market share and profitability of your Bancassurance channel through digital distribution
  • Strengthen digital bancassurance strategic planning through global best practice insights
  • Build the digital user experience that clients increasingly prefer
  • Recognise the importance of transparency, compliance and customer focus in building a sustainable digital Bancassurance distribution channel
  • Making the right strategic choices in digital bancassurance
  • Understand how to work together to develop a truly successful digital Bancassurance partnership
  • Identify the characteristics of successful Bancassurance digital strategies
  • Learn about emerging trends and opportunities in fintech and insuretech in the context of Bancassurance
  • Explore the characteristics of a successful digital product offering
  • Understand how to design and underwrite products that is distributed digitally
  • Learn the key success factors that all Bancassurers must understand if they are to successfully transition to digital distribution
  • Understand how your branches should evolve to remain relevant as banks increasingly rely on technology for competitive advantage
  • Join a group of like-minded Bancassurance professionals for ongoing professional education, ideas and inspiration!

Who Should Attend:

This masterclass is designed for CEO’s, Presidents, Managing Directors, Directors, Country Managers, General Managers, Head of Departments, Managers and Senior Executives from across insurance, reinsurance companies and retail/SME banks directly responsible for:

  • Bancassurance
  • Digital Bancassurance
  • Digital Strategy
  • Sales Management
  • Branches and Branch Management
  • Pricing & Distribution Management
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Key Account Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Management/Development
  • Commercial Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Corporate Planning

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Digital Bancassurance Masterclass 2023 Live Online
14 August 2023 - 16 August 2023
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