Digital Transformation in Financial Services
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

World’s Leading & Only Premier Digital Transformation Training Course for Global Financial Institutions, focused on practical tips and proven digital strategy blueprints

Develop Digital Strategies That Radically Transforms Your Business Process, Predictive Analytics, Product Development and Customers’ Engagement!

This 3-day training course has been specially designed to drive financial institutions toward more digitalised, automated and agile business models step-by-step, starting from innovating back-office legacy processes and systems, to understanding and catering the ever-changing customer experiences and expectations. Besides highlights on the needs for quantifying returns on digital investments, it will specifically allow you to link between organisational internal capabilities and the readiness to implement digital transformation programmes, both regarding internal process management and product/service distribution. This event will also be extremely crucial for you to inspire the next digital strategies based on your customer segments, market readiness, vendor integration and standing out from competition.

Course Overview

Despite the increasingly intense adoption of digital technologies and the power of digitalisation to transform business processes, customer satisfactions and business models, many banks, insurance, reinsurance, investment management companies… are still facing numerous challenges unique to financial industry. The primary challenge with financial institutions is, how can financial institutions innovate and digitalise internal legacy systems in order to achieve processes with increased efficiency and agility to adapt with market changes, as well as improved clients’ satisfaction?

Additionally, in order to stand out from competition, digital transformation professionals face questions including how to predict ever-changing customers’ expectation and technology advancement; cater appropriate digital products for different customer segments’ demands; deliver services for the unbanked segments; offer differentiated value-added services for customers beyond prices; improving customers’ adoption of digitalised distribution networks; monitoring and assessing returns on digital investments through specific KPI measurement metrics.

Key Benefits of Attending Digital Transformation in Financial Services

  • Standardising business process and document management systems while lowing operational costs, human errors and unnecessary interaction with customers
  • Enhancing customer experience by adapting with customer segments’ lifestyles
  • Continuously identifying and defining different customer segments to cater their requirements
  • Defining financial products and distribution channels according to customers’ requirements
  • Significantly reduce time to market and improve accuracy in decision-making
  • Improve financial institutions’ relationships with their customers
  • Improving profitability through tapping into the disadvantaged segments in societies
  • Improve credit risk assessment of individual assessments
  • Ability to communicate digitalisation to wider internal organisational parties

Reserve your place today and take advantage of the Early Bird Discounted price! Don't miss the chance to network and learn from your Expert trainer with hands-on experiences, real-life case studies on Financial Institutions’ digital transformation to evaluate your organisation’s technological and process effectiveness, improve your business processes’ agility as well as the ability to quickly adapt to market and technology changes, earning customers’ satisfaction and loyalty!

Key Issues to be discussed at Digital Transformation in Financial Services

  • How to adopt/increase adoption of back-office digital transformation for better business process and customer portfolio
  • Stepping up inclusive financing: tapping into the unbanked or disadvantaged segments in societies
  • Challenges in selection of third-party vendors in financial product development
  • Defining Key performance measurement metrics to anticipate, monitor and quantify returns on digital products and market development strategies
  • Pilot studies for deployment of digital transformation strategies
  • Leveraging understanding of customer life cycle, business insights and predictive analytics for digital strategies
  • Developing financial products for your specific market segments
  • Managing customers’ awareness and adoption of your financial products distribution channels
  • Improving business process to reduce time-to-market and decision-making while improving customer satisfaction
  • How to best communicate digital transformation and changes with internal stakeholders
  • How to use social digital strategies to improve customer loyalty, connectivity and competitiveness
  • Determining organisation’s readiness to transform business processes and to enhance customers’ experience
  • Establishing steering committees overseeing digital investments in financial institutions
  • Strategies to develop digitalised products and channel distributions catering customers’ needs

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Who should attend Digital Transformation in Financial Services Training Course?

This professional training course is designed for:

Directors, Heads, Mangers, Vice Presidents, Strategists, Senior Executives, Partners of:

  • Digital
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Solutions
  • Digital Transformation/Innovation
  • Digital Platforms
  • Digital Banking
  • eBusiness
  • Mobile Banking/Payments
  • Social Media
  • Online/Internet Services
  • Omni-Channels
  • Customer Analytics

From (but not limited to):

  • Banks (Retail Banks, Commercial Banks, Private Banks/Wealth Management Subsidiaries of Banks)
  • Insurance & Reinsurance Companies
  • Big Investment Management/Fund Management firms
  • Card Providers


  • International Insurance Society
  • Global Banking & Finance Review
  • Wall Street Oasis
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Digital Transformation in Financial Services
06 December 2016 - 08 December 2016
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