E Mobility Charging Infrastructure Masterclass Live Online 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

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International EV ExpertOver 15 years of practical experience!

He has over 15 years practical project experience and in-depth knowledge in the areas of EV Infrastructure, E Mobility Charging Infrastructure, Lithium Ion Batteries, Energy Storage, New Energies, ..

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Program Overview

Across the globe, regulators and industry players alike recognise and are accelerating their transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as they recognize how it presents for their economies to simultaneously advance their goals for economic growth whilst ensuring sustainable development. Electrification of Vehicles enable economies to meet their climate change commitments, reduce air pollution, and increase energy security, and also offers many opportunities along the value chain for economies with established automotive manufacturing hubs – such as Indonesia and Thailand – to extend their footprint in EV and battery production, and for economies with less developed automotive manufacturing capabilities to catch up with, or even leapfrog, industry players in more established automotive manufacturing hubs.

The transition to E-Mobility and EV roll out on country levels is inevitable and fast-coming. The key to EV growth is Charging Infrastructure and it is required to support a full, community wide transition to EVs. That said, we understand there are a lot of technical, design, planning, engineering, implementation, large scale roll-out and economic/commercial viability challenges to being successful and sustainable. Standardization is also a major challenge for market expansion and there is also the question where all of these additional energies needed to power this huge increase in charging capability is going to come from. This is why gathering the feedback from industry players & government stakeholders, we have developed this E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure Masterclass where we will deep dive into best practices and solutions around E Mobility Charging technology’s technical challenges in and around system & facility design, project development, evaluation, resources, production, feasibility studies, maintenance and performance management. It will also look at the various the latest technological solutions, business models, economics of EV Charging Infrastructure, risk management and how you can effectively commercialize and implement it at scale.

Through case studies, practical insights and actual project experiences, Equip Global’s interactive 4 day masterclass on E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure Masterclass taking place 21-24 February 2022, Live Online, will cover all of the above and more to provide you with information that can really help you in develop and implement E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure.  

10 Key Benefits of Attending

  • Hear in-depth market intelligence on the E-Mobility infrastructure, EV charging technologies and charging points and leading manufacturers in the EV space
  • Hear lessons learned, case studies and best practices on recent E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure projects, tests and trials and new technical know-hows
  • Gain technical and practical knowledge on electrification, EV infrastructure, different types of charging equipment & technologies, batteries solutions, and energy storage required for large scale E-Mobility implementation
  • Learn about how you can plan and develop E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure in a feasible, cost-effective and commercially viable manner including maximizing utilization and minimizing cost of operations
  • Identifying the EV Charging market’s existing competencies and key competitive advantages within the overall EV value chain
  • Gain insights about E Mobility charging infrastructure project structures & project development considerations
  • Improve your knowledge on E Mobility Charging Infrastructure Installation, Operations and Maintenance 
  • Assess where and how EVs can help the grid, through smart charging and V2G solutions and new electrical infrastructure development initiatives
  • Achieving standardization in E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure to accelerate development
  • Stakeholder management and Community Engagement in the planning & implementation of E Mobility Charging Strategies, Processes & Infrastructure


This event is aimed at automotive OEMs, charge point developers, energy & utilities companies, government agencies and policy think-tanks seeking to learn more about electrical infrastructure development and new charge point technologies to meet the needs of the growing e-mobility market. Attendees who will benefit from this masterclass include C-Level Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of, Superintendents, Managers, Engineers, Officers and Stakeholders involved in:

  • EV Charging Infrastructure
  • EV Charge Point Development
  • EV Car Design & Development
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Advanced/New Technology & Engineering
  • E Mobility Charging Facilities
  • Charge Point Manufacturing
  • Electrical Grid Infrastructure
  • Electrical Grid Operations
  • Charging Point Installations
  • Civil & Electrical Engineering
  • Transport & Energy Analysis
  • Electrical Power & Utilities
  • Manufacturing Research & Innovation
  • Town & City Planning
  • Energy Strategy & Public Affairs
  • EV Project Development
  • Public & Private Assets
  • EV Equipment Certification
  • EV Equipment Inspection & Maintenance
  • EV Business Development

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E Mobility Charging Infrastructure Masterclass Live Online 2022
21 February 2022 - 24 February 2022
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