7th Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit 2023
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Anton FourieAnton Fourie
    Utility Consultant,
    Visual Revenue Management
  • Ron BeattyRon Beatty
  • Saad SaleemSaad Saleem
    Deputy Manager,
  • Ravindra JoshiRavindra Joshi
    Former Chief Driving Officer, Kano Electricity Distribution Company & Chief Quality & Safety Manager, Tata Power Delhi Distribution, CEO, Agile Consultancy Services
  • Amith VijayanAmith Vijayan
    Kerala State Electricity Board
  • Sohaib QadirSohaib Qadir
    Deputy General Manager,
    K Electric
  • Rens BindermanRens Binderman
    Technical Advisor,
    Southern Africa Revenue Protection Association
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BACK IN SINGAPORE! Leading Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit

Electricity Loss is a major issue for Electricity and Power Utility companies as it causes major disruption to their operations which leads to loss of revenue. Moreover, Electricity Loss also causes issues relating to economic growth and power infrastructure stability.

There are mainly two types of Electricity Losses, Technical and Non-Technical Losses. Technical Losses are naturally occurring losses that happen during the Production, Transmission, and Distribution of Electricity while Non-Technical Losses, also known as Commercial Losses happen mostly due to Electricity Theft and Fraud. Non-Technical Losses reportedly make up more than 70% of Electricity Losses which amounts to approximately US$96 billion a year.

Even though various policy initiatives have been put in place to tackle Electricity Theft and Fraud, these policies are still unable to effectively reduce the amount of Electricity Theft and Fraud cases. Electricity Power Utility companies are still losing large amounts of revenue due to unlawful usage of electricity and fraud by electricity consumers.

Therefore, Equip Global is pleased to announce the dates for the leading 7th Electricity Loss Reduction & Electricity Theft Management Summit 2023 that will be happening in SINGAPORE. Back by popular demand, this annual summit is the best platform for global industry experts from Power Utility, Electricity, and Smart Grid companies together with the Government and Ministries of Energy/ Infrastructure to gather for invaluable networking and learning opportunities and discuss the latest trends and strategies that will help Your organisation with Tackling Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management.


This is a conference truly worth experiencing for Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management professionals! You will gain an immense amount of information and knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere.

Why this is a Must-Attend for You and Your Team:

  • Gain Targeted Knowledge on effective methods and strategies to reduce the amount of Electricity Loss and Theft – Understand the latest electricity theft management strategies, best practice frameworks and mechanisms that help with improving electricity transmission and distribution processes and how to make use of these proven strategies to reduce disruption in Your operations process
  • Comprehensive Presentations by Industry Experts - Gain insights on the major challenges, and issues faced across the industry Globally, and how You can overcome them to achieve huge economic, business, and operational benefits for your power electricity company
  • Get Inspired by Real-life Case Studies in the Electricity industry Globally – Learn from their success and mistakes, to make sure your future development plan helps to effectively reduce the amount of electricity loss both commercially and technically
  • Hear about the Best Practices of effective electricity loss reduction and theft management solutions and strategies done by Key Industry Players and understand how organisations can successfully incorporate them into their Electricity Loss Reduction development process, and use it to benchmark Your organisation against other successful organisations, highlighting areas for improvement in Your organisation
  • Interactive Panel Discussions – Gain new perspectives on Industry Best Practices and ask any burning questions or opinions you have for Electricity Loss Reduction that helps in improving the quality of Your development projects to deal with Electricity Loss
  • In-depth Workshops - 6 expert-led summit workshops for you to gain a deeper understanding of the critical issues and trends in Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management, and learn how others are overcoming and leveraging them with extremely knowledgeable and experienced workshop leaders
  • Networking Opportunities – Connect and converse with like-minded people and industry peers, build and expand your professional network within the electricity loss reduction and theft management space

Take advantage of the early bird discount and reserve your seat today to not miss a chance to be involved in the 7th Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit 2023! Meet industry expert face to face here in Singapore!


Who Should Attend?

Tailor-made specifically for the top decision-makers (Chiefs/ Heads/ Directors/ Managers/ Senior Executives) of the following divisions:

  • Revenue Protection/ Loss Prevention
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Metering
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Billing & Tariffing
  • Operations
  • Commercial/ Retail
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Energy Policies
  • Power System Operations
  • System Stability & Planning

From (but not limited to) these industries:

  • Electricity & Power Utility Companies
  • Governments
  • Energy Authorities
  • Ministries (in charge of Energy)
  • Smart Grid Infrastructure

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Email us at enquiry@equip-global.com for the full brochure and speaker line up!

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7th Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit 2023
24 July 2023 - 27 July 2023
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