6th Electricity Price Forecasting and Modelling Summit 2023
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Bernard TemploBernard Templo
    Managing Director,
    EnergyMAX Energy Forecasting Solutions
  • Cesar SaCesar Sa
    Founding Partner,
    NTJ Tec
  • Dilip JoshiDilip Joshi
    Retired Superintending Engineer,
    State Load Dispatch Center (Gujarat)
  • Fabian HeusFabian Heus
    Senior Consultant,
    E-Bridge Consulting B.V.
  • Jayant SinhaJayant Sinha
    Senior Principal Consultant (Energy & Utilities),
  • Ketan ThankiKetan Thanki
    Assistant Director,
    Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Nupur ShahNupur Shah
    Renewable Energy Consultant & Founder,
    SustainBhoomi Renewable & EV Consultancy
  • Paul EdgePaul Edge
    Senior Risk Manager,
  • Pieter SchavemakerPieter Schavemaker
    Managing Director,
    E-Bridge Consulting B.V.
  • Silvia MessaSilvia Messa
    Senior Analyst,
    Volue Insight
  • Stefan KonstantinovStefan Konstantinov
    Senior Energy Economist - Electricity, Carbon and Natural Gas,
  • Vaibhav HindiaVaibhav Hindia
    Renewable Energy Operations Engineer (Load Dispatch Centre),
    Gujarat Energy Transmission Co. Ltd (India)
  • Kaushik MakwanaKaushik Makwana
    Grid Consultant (Business Associate),
    Tata Consultancy Services
  • Roberto CunhaRoberto Cunha
    Berkeley Research
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Improve the Accuracy of Electricity Price Forecasting!

Electricity is among the most volatile commodities. With power market deregulation, the daily average change of the spot electricity price can be up to 50%, compared to the 5% of other commodities. It is important for Power Utilities companies to understand and improve on their Electricity Price Forecasting techniques and strategies, to accurately make decisions, model and predict the spot and forward prices in the electricity market as they enter into various complex power purchase agreements and decisions, buying & selling of electricity through power exchanges.

Therefore, this summit will feature renowned industry experts who will be sharing the Best Practices on how Power Utilities Companies can deal with various short, mid, and long-term price forecasting scenarios, deep insights on the regulatory market developments on various electricity tariffs and pricing structures, ways to overcome challenges and issues pertaining to effectively and accurately forecasting electricity price movements, the impact of unforeseen events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions to the prediction accuracy of electricity consumption and demand, how to improve the accuracy of demand and supply predictions, the various efficient electricity pricing models & curves available in the market, effective data management for the improvement of electricity price forecasting, as well as the advancement of innovation and technology in driving accurate electricity price forecasting and modelling.

Equip Global is pleased to announce the dates for the leading 6th Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling Summit 2023 that will be happening LIVE Online. Back by popular demand, this annual summit is the best platform for global industry experts from Electricity Transmission System Operators, Power Producers & Generators, Power Utility Companies, Power Trading Companies, Power Exchange Companies, Renewable Exchange Companies, and Government Regulators involved in the Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling value chain to gather for invaluable networking and learning opportunities on the strategies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of forecasting electricity prices.

This is a conference truly worth experiencing for Electricity Price Forecasting & modelling professionals! You will gain an immense amount of information and knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere.


Why the 6th Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling Summit is a Must-Attend for You and Your Team:

  • Gain Targeted Knowledge on effective Electricity Price Forecasting methods and strategies – Understand the latest development strategies of electricity price forecasting & modelling, best practice frameworks and mechanisms that helps with accessing the demand for electricity, and how to make use of these proven strategies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of forecasting electricity prices
  • Comprehensive Presentations by Industry Experts - Gain insights on the major challenges, and issues faced across the industry due to the changing  global geo-political, market & economic circumstances, and how you can overcome them
  • Get Inspired by Real-life Case Studies in the Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling industry Globally – Learn from their success and mistakes, to make sure your future development plan to improve Your electricity price forecasting & modelling technique is economically, and technically feasible
  • Hear about the Best Practices of effective Electricity Price Forecasting methods done by Key Industry Players and understand how other successful Electricity Transmission System Operators and Power Producers operate to forecast accurate Electricity Prices, and use it to benchmark your organisation against other successful organisations, highlighting areas for improvement in your strategy
  • Interactive Panel Discussions – Gain new perspectives on Industry Best Practices and ask any burning questions or opinions you have for Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling including Latest Forecasting & Modelling Technologies, and Useful Frameworks that helps in achieving accurate electricity prices and supply & demand predictions
  • In-depth Workshops - 4 expert-led summit workshops for you to gain a deeper understanding of the critical issues and trends in Electricity Price Forecasting, and learn how to overcome and leverage them
  • Networking Opportunities – Connect and converse with like-minded people and industry peers, build and expand your professional network

Take advantage of the group discounted rates and reserve your seat today to not miss a chance to be involved in the 6th Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling Summit 2023!

Endless opportunities for first-hand updates, networking, and discussion on global strategies and discover new innovative solutions from only the best in their field to further develop and incorporate new methods and technologies to enhance your organisation’s electricity price forecasting & modelling process!

Who Should Attend:

Tailor-made specifically for the top decision-makers (Chiefs/ Heads/ Managers/ Economists/ Analysts) of the following divisions:

  • Power Market
  • Market Integration/ Development
  • Market Coupling
  • Electricity Rates
  • Forecasting (including Electricity Forecasting)
  • Weather Modelling
  • Pricing
  • Trading
  • Valuation
  • Origination
  • Portfolio Management
  • Capacity Markets
  • Economics
  • Energy Models & Risk Metrics
  • Structuring
  • Power Purchase Agreements

From (but not limited to) these industries:

  • Electricity Transmission System Operators
  • Power Producers & Generators
  • Power/ Electricity Utility Companies
  • Power Trading Companies
  • Power Exchange Companies
  • Renewable Exchange Companies
  • Government Agencies, Ministries and Regulators in charge of Energy & Resources and Electricity Pricing Regulations

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6th Electricity Price Forecasting and Modelling Summit 2023
30 January 2023 - 02 February 2023
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