Finance for Non-Finance Professionals in Oil & Gas and Fiscal Systems
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals in Oil & Gas and Fiscal Systems

This 3-day course provides non finance professionals working in the industry with an overview of the industry, commercial drivers and specific coverage of the finance and accounting issues directly related to oil and gas organisations. Non-financial professionals, engineering and technical specialists and other skilled professionals will gain insight into the primary functions of their company and industry and an appreciation of how to read and interpret financial information. Financial statements and ratio analysis will benefit all in understanding the relative merits and performance of companies in the industry.

By attending this training course, you will gain the following

·         Familiarise participants with the commercial drivers and the importance of the finance function

·         Better understand strategies to improve profitability and therefore shareholder value

·         Identify key decision makers

·         Highlight the relationship between speed and profitability

·         Enable participants to become fluent in the finance language spoken by finance and accounting personnel

·         Increase understanding of basic financial terminology and simplified financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement)

·         Test participants’ working knowledge of terminology, efficiency ratios and profitability indicators

·         Familiarise participants with the various phases of the life cycle of a typical oil & gas project and focus on challenges faced in each phase.

·         Understand the financial analysis techniques used in project evaluations (discounting and non-discounting methods, NPV and IRR).

·         Consider aspects of oil and gas management reporting, KPIs, and current project performance and measurement techniques.

Key Topics Covered

·         Oil & Gas Industry overview

·         Oil & Gas Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

·         Financial Statement Analysis in the Oil and Gas Industry

·         Overview of Specific Finance Issues in the Oil and Gas Industry

·         Good Corporate Governance and the Role of Finance

·         Importance and the Application of the Risk Management Process

·         Investment Projects in the Oil & Gas Industry and their Evaluation

·         Investment Projects Risks in the Oil & Gas Industry

·         Cost Estimate

·         Measuring and Reporting Financial Performance

·         Earned Value Management for Oil and Gas

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Oil and Gas Upstream and Downstream:

·         Engineers

·         Project Managers

·         Project Team Leads

·         Contracting and Procurement

·         Governance Risk and Assurance

·         Other Project Team Personnel

More Details

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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals in Oil & Gas and Fiscal Systems
25 August 2014 - 27 August 2014
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