Future Fuels Masterclass 2023
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

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International Alternative Fuels ExpertOver 20 years of experience

His career has focused on conventional and renewable energy technology development and education. He has held commercial roles in several energy companies such as the Dutch gas grid operator Allian..

About Your Expert Trainer

Program Overview:

For the worldwide natural gas sector, there is only one future, and it is called decarbonisation. The most straightforward way to decarbonise natural gas streams is by replacing it with different types of “renewable” gasses, such as biogas/biomethane, hydrogen, LNG, methanol, and ammonia. These alternatives are needed to decarbonize the current fossil fuel-based system quickly and efficiently. Many applications ranging from heavy industry, chemicals production, and heavy transport are based on molecules with the high energy density of current fossils fuels and are not easily replaced by electricity alone. It is therefore crucial to provide alternatives for these sectors in the form of renewable molecules to ensure their continued competitiveness, and to provide suitable pathways for decarbonization.

During this course we will touch upon the three most important alternative fuels currently under debate, including biogas, hydrogen, methanol, LNG and ammonia. These fuels are in various stages of development and deployment but will provide the (future) basis for renewable molecules in various sectors. In this course we will start off with evaluating the regulations and policies around alternative & future fuels, as well as introducing the various alternative & future fuels, giving you a detailed outline & understanding of each. We will then dive deeper in the potential applications, industries that are likely to utilize it as well as the trends for future growth. Lastly, we will also touch upon the business case, business models, economics and the future outlook of all of these future fuels.

Equip Global’s Interactive & Practical FUTURE FUELS Masterclass taking place 14 - 17 August 2023, Zoom Online will provide you with information that can really help you in your day-to-day work and understanding of future fuels. Through case studies, practical insights and actual project experiences, this Future Fuels Masterclass is committed in providing you with only practical and implementable solutions that can overcome your biggest challenges in achieving your decarbonization goals with the adoption of future fuels.

10 Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the various pathways and options, principles & concepts in achieving industrial decarbonization goals through the adoption of future fuels
  • Learn about various alternative fuels and gain knowledge in biogas, methanol, LNG, hydrogen, ammonia and nuclear energy.
  • Gain knowledge into future fuels trends, growth outlook, and their value chains
  • Find out more about the economics of future fuels including feasibility analysis and long-term project viability.
  • Analyse the various business models and cases of future fuel applications globally and how you can apply them into your decarbonization plans and projects.
  • Hear about how you can adopt a holistic & cost-effective approach in your decarbonization roadmap whilst managing all stakeholders when adopting future fuels.
  • Gain insights into the most common mistakes made in the future fuels facilities development and adoption process and how you can avoid them.
  • Gain better understanding of the factors impacting stakeholder operations, demands, preparatory measures and particularly, the investment needed for the selection of each type of alternative fuel
  • Learn more about key CAPEX and OPEX issues affecting why and how you should drive future fuel adoption.
  • Evaluate policy and regulatory perspectives including global initiatives and national nuances around industrial decarbonization.

Who Should Attend:

Industry Participants who are looking to improve their knowledge and company’s plans on the adoption of Future Fuels and Industrial Decarbonization from across industries including oil & gas, energy & utilities, renewable energy, aviation, maritime, mining, cement, steel, automotive, industrial manufacturing, public sector & government agencies, and forestry.

This masterclass is also a must-attend for the following:

  • Leaders and managers who are interested in exploring the issues around the concept of future fuels, energy transition and decarbonization and find the ways to contribute to GHG reductions.
  • Government officials who are tasked with the development or execution of net-zero/decarbonization policies and future fuel initiatives.
  • Financial services professionals and asset owners who are interested in decarbonization of their portfolios of assets.
  • Technical professionals who want to get broader understanding of climate change and their role in transitioning to net-zero.
  • Innovators, Engineers, and Inventors looking for inspiration to come up with solutions to complex climate change problems.
  • Anyone who wish to engage with the challenges and potential solutions to sustainability and climate change.

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Future Fuels Masterclass 2023
14 August 2023 - 17 August 2023
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