LNG Carriers Masterclass 2024
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Program Overview:

The LNG carrier market is expected to record a CAGR of approximately 3.6% during the period between 2023-2028 with the rising demand for LNG as a transition fuel.

With gas demand extremely strong across globally, climbing LNG prices and countries dealing with energy crisis competing for LNG carriers & cargoes whilst looking to pull significant LNG volumes, it only means the need of greater supply of LNG carriers in operations and the rising demand for LNG carriers to be constructed and in action.

LNG carriers & projects however has its own characteristics and requirements and a number of different considerations will apply to the design, construction and deployment of any individual LNG carrier. These considerations will need to be carefully analysed and understood in order to move forward with the successful implementation of an LNG Carrier Project. In addition, there are several challenges and issues faced by the industry players and the LNG Carriers market that could hinder LNG Carrier design, planning, project and operational success including flexible deployment capabilities, lack of efficiency, fluctuation in charter rates, shipyard capacity, technical, technological, project planning, project execution and commercial issues and they need to be understood and properly dealt with.

We understand your concerns. Based around your most pertinent priorities, we have developed this case-study and practically driven LNG Carriers masterclass where we will deep dive into questions & topics including how you can develop sustainable and efficient LNG Carriers, gain knowledge on the various LNG carriers’ types and technological systems, encompassing three major aspects of any LNG Carrier fleet lifecycle – strategy & feasibility, design & construction and operations & asset maintenance.

Through case studies, practical insights and real-life experiences, led by a truly international LNG Carriers expert trainer, Equip Global’s interactive 4-day LNG Carriers Masterclass taking place in March 2024, Live Online Digitally, will cover all of the above and more to provide you with information that can really help you grasp practical knowledge and develop and implement a robust LNG Carriers Operations.

10 Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn about global LNG trends, LNG markets Ship Types, Cargo Containment Systems, supply chain & market fundamentals, LNG characteristics regulatory frameworks, LNG properties and how LNG Carriers can fit into the value chain
  • Improve LNG Vessel Design & Construction and Familiarize yourself with industry codes, rules and regulations around LNG Carriers
  • Gain knowledge on how you can assess the commercial viability and project feasibility of your LNG Carriers Construction & Operations
  • Overcome technical & construction challenges associated with LNG Carriers so that your project is successful
  • Understand the various technologies and systems involved in LNG Carriers
  • Improve your strategy & feasibility analysis of LNG Carriers development and operations including topics such as concept selection, site & construction analysis, tender & demand management, yard assessment and economic analysis
  • Ensure you have adequate knowledge in LNG Carriers including cargo operations, loading, unloading, on board equipment for cargo & safety, propulsion types in LNG carriers, special systems and operations for membrane carriers, regasification vessels and construction monitoring
  • Improve Operations and Maintenance of LNG Carriers through effective asset management, maintenance planning and condition monitoring
  • Learn Safety, Risk Mitigation & Environment Management Best Practices for LNG Carriers
  • Hear case studies globally and pick up best practices from successful LNG Carrier Projects so that you ensure ROI on your project and also effectively manage your LNG Carrier project lifecycle

Who Should Attend:

This highly rated LNG carriers training course is of value to anyone who is involved in LNG carrier/tanker design, construction and operation. It is of particular benefit to LNG producers, LNG carrier designers, owners, fleet managers, superintendents, offshore & marine companies, shipyards/shipbuilders, consultants, flag state authorities and surveyors involved in the LNG industry, and those who would like to update their existing knowledge of the latest developments of LNG Carriers.

Additionally, it will be useful for anyone (technical and non-technical) wishing to understand more of the Gas / LNG Supply Chain and the role of LNG Carriers within this and include:

  • Persons (technical and non-technical) involved in the gas and LNG Industries.
  • Shipbuilding, ship repair & ship conversion groups.
  • LNG Shipping companies
  • Offshore engineering & construction suppliers or contractors.
  • LNG facilities & bunkering personnel.
  • Oil & Gas production personnel involved in LNG carriers/tankers, ship design, LNG project management, engineering, procurement, production, construction, commercial, commissioning and administration.
  • Persons involved in O&G Safety and Environmental issues and regulations.


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LNG Carriers Masterclass 2024
26 March 2024 - 29 March 2024
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