LNG Demand Supply Pricing and Trading Masterclass 2024
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

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International LNG Markets and Trading ExpertOver 25 years of experience

He has more than 25 years of experience and extensive knowledge on a practical and theoretical level about all the aspects related to markets, trading, risk management and compliance in the commodi..

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Program Overview:

Are you looking to find out what the defining demand and supply trends are in the LNG market now and moving forward? How about the global LNG trading and risk management scenarios for the sector? Would you like to learn more about LNG pricing and also what the biggest opportunities and challenges to watch out for are in the coming years? All these and more twill be covered in Equip Global’s comprehensive LNG Demand, Supply, Pricing and Trading Masterclass Live Online this coming 2-5 April 2024!

The LNG market is developing from a fully based market on long-term contracts, to a more flexible market based on a portfolio of contracts of a variety duration. The increase of LNG demand and several economics are creating a base for a more flexible market, where the LNG spot market will be playing a key role.  Short term and spot trading now account for more than one-third of overall activities putting more pressures on LNG Trading. Additionally, the impact of Covid-19 pandemic drastically weakened LNG demand in several LNG importing countries creating excess supply and market volatility. Plus changes in the LNG market including the development of terminals and plant sizes, delay of new liquefaction trains increased integration throughout the supply chain, diversification of supply sources, increased contractual flexibility and increased geographical distance are also adding to the complexity and volatility of LNG demand, supply and pricing, putting huge pressure on gas and LNG producers.

That said, the long-term outlook for LNG, however, is brighter than that of other fossil fuels because of its comparatively lower cost and lower emissions from production and combustion. However to find a true competitive advantage amid a volatile market, the LNG industry must move beyond what were once winning strategies such as the control of gas resources, reliability of supply, in order to develop strategies of demand and supply planning, pricing, trading & risk management in order to stay profitable and sustainable.

After lots of market research, this LNG Demand, Supply, Pricing & Trading Masterclass has been developed to deep dive into best practices and solutions around LNG Demand, Supply, Pricing and Trading so that you can ride out an unpredictable market and find opportunities for faster growth.    Through case studies, practical insights and actual project experiences, Equip Global’s interactive 4 day masterclass on LNG Demand, Supply, Pricing & Trading Masterclass will cover all of the above and more to provide you with information that can really help you in your day-to-day work. Through case studies, blueprint presentations and interactive discussions, we are committed in providing you with only practical and implementable solutions that can overcome your biggest challenges in LNG Demand, Supply, Pricing, Trading.


10 Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain a clear understanding of LNG chain dynamics, technologies, costs, business models, economics and operations
  • Appreciate LNG production, storage, transportation & distribution and its implications for LNG demand, supply and operations
  • Learn about LNG Pricing, Pricing Effects & Structures and Pricing Regulations
  • Gain insights into the trading structures of LNG and how to structure its risk management
  • Understand current LNG market scenarios and future outlook of LNG Spot Markets
  • Understand economic evaluation benchmarks and determine return on investments
  • Discover and exploit the arbitrage trading opportunities between the different markets
  • Learn what LNG derivatives are and how it will become available for hedging and proprietary trading purpose
  • Gain in depth knowledge of LNG buyer and sellers, markets and supply sources and global trends & drivers of world natural gas and LNG markets
  • Find out through lessons learned and case studies how you can tap on numerous opportunities created in the LNG trading market

Who Should Attend:

This training course will benefit LNG market development executives from both technical and non-technical (commercial, finance and legal) backgrounds as well as Participants in an LNG market development team including from LNG Buyers & Sellers, who are looking to improve their knowledge on LNG demand, supply, pricing, trading & Risk management including the following job functions:

  • LNG/Gas Marketing
  • LNG/Gas Commercial
  • LNG/Gas Analysts/LNG Business Analysts
  • LNG/Gas Procurement/Purchasing
  • LNG Facilities Planning
  • LNG Process Engineering
  • Legal Counsels in the LNG, Gas & Power Industries
  • LNG Business Development
  • LNG/Gas Supply Origination
  • LNG/Gas Contracts
  • LNG Spot Trading
  • LNG/Gas Traders
  • LNG Shipping
  • Accountants & Finance Executives in the Gas/Power Industries
  • Project Financiers
  • LNG Pipelines
  • LNG Project Management & Implementation
  • LNG Project Advisory
  • LNG Shipbuilders/Ship-Owners
  • LNG Economists & Policy Makers

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LNG Demand Supply Pricing and Trading Masterclass 2024
02 April 2024 - 05 April 2024
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