9th Port Automation Summit 2023
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Piet OpstaelePiet Opstaele
    Innovation Lead
    Port of Antwerp
  • Sidney NederlofSidney Nederlof
    Director of Information Communication Technology
    Red Sea Gateway Terminal
  • Jose Andres Gimenez MaldonadoJose Andres Gimenez Maldonado
    Port Logistics Director
    Fundacion Valenciaport
  • Hans RookHans Rook
    International Port Community Systems Association
  • Gadi BenmosheGadi Benmoshe
    Former Chief Information Officer
    Israel Ports
  • Dr Stephen KraemerDr Stephen Kraemer
    Chief Technology Officer
    Ports of Auckland
  • Surendra LingareddySurendra Lingareddy
    Volteo Maritime
  • Dr Oscar PerniaDr Oscar Pernia
    Founder & Technical Lead
  • Carles RuaCarles Rua
    Chief Information Officer
    Port de Barcelona
  • Christian BlauertChristian Blauert
    Global Director Port & Terminal Development
    Moffatt & Nichol
  • Michael HouenMichael Houen
    Director – Smart Port Strategy
  • Juan M. DíezJuan M. Díez
    Head of Strategic Planning & Innovation
    Port Authority of Valencia
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With increased ship sizes, mega ships and larger container vessels, increasing labour costs, market competition globally driving the importance of port operational efficiency and productivity, the need to reduce carbon footprint, ports around the world are increasingly turning to automation to maintain their competitive advantage in the industry.

Adopting strategic technological advancements and automating port processes is key to a port’s long-term viability to remain relevant in a market that favours lower cost, more efficient processes and faster turnaround times. While port automation is a strategy for the long haul and will take time to bear fruit, it is undeniable that it is now a necessity and paramount for any sustainable port operation.

Join us and meet your industry peers at the 9th Port Automation Summit 2023 taking place in September 2023, where you will cut down on many months and even years on figuring out how to effectively automate your port operations, by hearing proven insights and case studies globally on the FASTEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS to AUTOMATE YOUR PORT, TRANSFORM YOUR PORT DIGITALLY & SUSTAINABLY, whilst ensuring you are able to implement these actionable strategies within your port operations and infrastructure. 


Why this is Must-Attend Summit for You:

  • Success Stories & Blueprint Roadmaps – Gain insights on successful automation projects at ports and how they have reaped the benefits of automation to achieve new heights of efficiency & profitability.
  • Case Studies – Overcome the biggest challenges You will face in Developing Optimized Operational Processes using automation and learn how you can effectively automate processes with the end goal of speeding up procedures and increasing overall productivity.
  • Planning for Automation in Greenfield and Brownfield Ports – Hear the BIGGEST SECRETS about strategic planning for automation for waterside, yard and landside processes, as well as the different considerations that go into planning for greenfield and brownfield projects.
  • Choosing What to Automate First and How to Automate – Hear from expert, their shortcuts and approaches to automating waterside, yard and landside processes to meet business objectives at their port and how you can apply this knowledge at your port.
  • From Innovation and Business Case to GOING LIVE – Learn about the FASTEST METHODOLOGIES AND PROVEN WAYS of going from an Automation Business Case to Actually Rolling the Automation Out Full Fledged whilst making sure it works for your port operations!
  • Handling and Integrating Automation Technology – Gain knowledge on how to effectively handle and integrate different systems like TOS, Autonomous Vehicle Systems, Automated Cranes and Automated Straddle Carriers to maintain smooth operations at ports.
  • Maintaining Data Security – Understand how you can ensure that data remains secure amidst the transition to technological and automated systems and effectively conduct risk assessments on these systems
  • Improve Economical & Technical Feasibility of Your Port Automation Projects – Gain best practices globally on how you can incorporate innovation & digital technologies including 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Automated systems & equipment, autonomous technologies, digital twins, wireless solutions, data analytics whilst ensuring they are economically & technically viable for your port operations

Who Should Attend?

From Across Port Operators & Authorities, Maritime Authorities globally:

Heads/Senior Managers/General Managers/Managers/Engineers/Project Managers/Senior Executives of

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Operations
  • Technology/IT
  • Automation
  • Construction
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy
  • Transformation

Learn More about the Summit?

Email us at enquiry@equip-global.com for more information!


  • PortNews
  • Universal Freight Organisation
  • Project Cargo Network
  • Cargo Connections
  • The Maritime Standard
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9th Port Automation Summit 2023
19 September 2023 - 22 September 2023
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