Predictive HR Analytics
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Predictive HR Analytics - 21 - 23 January 2015, Singapore

With changing business conditions and maximised focused to stakeholder / shareholder dividends there is a serious concern to ensure qualitative HR delivery and would be further challenged by employment market conditions in future.


There exists the noise around “attracting talent”, “retaining talent”, employability”, “Time to billability”, “productivity ratio per person” “non-committed employee” “highly demanding employee” - from Employers / HR Leaders with a single point view to the education and personal value system streams, rather, there too exists a constant depletion to “employee enabling & work culture build factors” within the industry.


The broad HR function has taken shape to a tangentially different direction of becoming core business function stepping aside their “purpose of employee enabling factors”.


The construct of business aligned HR has been majorly pre-conceived and hardcoded to become “business manager think tanks” without seeing the “need for fulfilment” of HR competencies.


Global CEO’s have started to share concerns on their “HR focus” shifting minds.


We heard from quite a few APAC HR leaders sharing the same concerns for their budding HR & the HR next generation succumbing & swallowed to business generating HR ideas keeping aside the critical HR composition.


One of the key reasons for this shift is the need for a structured and sustainable HR direction setting process for the HR fraternity which has been under wraps with most organisation. Many a times, it has been a carry forward mode than being conceptual, create and contribute view.


Hence most HR Policy - actions and decision have levelled upto to be short sighted, reactive, quick fix than ensuring equitable, sustainable and scalable models, overtime.


The minimum HR needs for a business to survive is today addressed by technology enabled support system than by HR within most organisations.


On the other side, the future generation “employee” comes with ardent baselined qualities which every HR needs to be conscious to; They will have a basket of information to choose - be abreast of best industry business and HR practices, real-time compensation and benefits practiced by the organisation, clarity to avenues for career growth within the organisation, their passion choice enabling organisation, process and methodology adopted by the organisation, peer recognition and parity conformance practiced by the organisation. 


Employees would become authentic source of information in competition benchmarking which otherwise HR would find it difficult to obtain even on commercial terms.


To renew the passion and energy in every HR resource, LearntheCorp Consulting has come up with a future state predictive assessment and analytics programme, exclusive and real time conceived for the mid and senior level HR Leaders to assimilate, conceptualise and drive the engagement for their businesses.

Learning objectives

By attending this workshop you will be equipped to future predict the policy and process transformation and related service assurances to your existing HR lifecycle and strengthen key success factors by

  • Finding how Assessment and Assurance to Talent acquisition key drivers maximise the yield and assimilation.
  • Early predict both performing and non performing employees and enable solutions to maximise engagement
  • Constructing predictive layers through your performance pillars which would further enable job progression models
  • Establishing Pre and post development outcomes for the training need identified and with maximised absorption amongst employees.
  • Reduction to your direct and notional process cost through your service delivery and operations
  • Maximising employee levers for 2020: predictive view to achievement orientation, recognition and work processes 
  • Building predictive view to Talent classification & succession planning methods
  • Layering predictive assessment of payroll and benefits budget and cost from a 2020 perspective.
  • Dynamic Optimisation of Talent Deployment policy and processes to scale business delivery.
  • Design upgrade for existing Shared Service construct through predictive production layering.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior HR roles such as Heads of HR, Business Partners, Heads of Talent Management, L&D, Resourcing, Rewards, HR services
  • Senior managers in business, strategy, functional or general management roles - who have an interest in HR and talent management
  • Independent consultants in the area of HR / Strategy / leadership development
  • Policymakers in Government bodies who work on the nations talent agenda

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Predictive HR Analytics
21 January 2015 - 23 January 2015
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