Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Charlotte GandonCharlotte Gandon
    National Loss Prevention Director,
    Carrefour China
  • Roes Decil AngganaRoes Decil Anggana
    Sales Operation Group Head,
    PT. Pertamina Retail
  • Gary TatersallGary Tatersall
    Head – Asset Protection & Risk Management,
    Jack Wills
  • Tyrun HaynieTyrun Haynie
    Asset Protection Manager,
  • Jamie GreenJamie Green
    Group Loss Prevention Manager,
    Gourmet Gulf Group
  • Aimee ReganAimee Regan
    Head of Loss Prevention,
    Arcadia Group
  • Lee GoldingLee Golding
    Operational Risk Manager – Asia & UK,
    Cotton On Group
  • Rully OedayaRully Oedaya
    Loss Prevention Manager,
    PT Tozy Sentosa
  • Executive Director,Executive Director,

    Carrefour Taiwan
  • Sri HaryonoSri Haryono
    Supply Chain Excellence Manager,
  • Director – Global Profit Protection,Director – Global Profit Protection,

    Adidas Group
  • Michael NearyMichael Neary
    Loss Prevention Manager,
    Harvey Norman
  • Andy LimAndy Lim
    Regional Loss Prevention Manager,
  • Head – Retail Loss Prevention,Head – Retail Loss Prevention,

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Despite the continuation of over USD. 100 billion in shrinkage, the awareness towards the importance of loss prevention amongst global retailers remains dormant. By not recognising the problems, tracking & properly auditing losses, and taking steps to counteract, companies continue to ignore actionable loss prevention plans. For example, while apparel specialist retailers experience highest shrinkage rates of shrinkage across all retail verticals, they are amongst the least generous spenders on loss prevention. Besides, growing investment and innovation in security surveillance do not yet effectively yield improvement in inventory losses which persist at 1.5-2% retail revenues. Meanwhile, retail thefts (employee thefts, shoplifting, ORCs) could account for half of entire shrinkage.

Responding to industry demand to maximize business profitability, Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection Summit 2018 taking place in Hong Kong promises to be the global platform and Asia’s #1st for retail industries’ leaders to share best practices and improvement strategies.

Leaders in Loss Prevention, Finance, Security, Asset Management, Fraud Management and C-level executives from retailer and hospitality groups will gather at Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection Summit 2018 in Hong Kong to exchange challenges, perspectives and loss prevention programmes in auditing, evaluating retail shrinkage; tackle preventable losses from inventories management, thefts, frauds, administrative processes, cybersecurity, e-commerce; and many more.

A Glance At Key Issues Addressed At Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection Summit 2018:

  • Best practices in auditing and understanding of your retail channels for determining profit protection targets
  • Case studies on developing loss prevention plans and loss prevention expenditure
  • Data and trends analytics employed in retail shrinkage evaluation
  • Employee management practices versus Loss prevention – how hiring, training, benefits & compensations, motivation matter in loss prevention?
  • Best practices and considerations in minimising internal employee thefts
  • Practices and case studies in tackling shopliftings and ORCs
  • Developing emergency response plans for loss prevention
  • Case studies on practices for minimising inventories losses
  • Facilities and inventories management and RFID employment challenges and opportunities
  • Discussing approaches to investigation procedures on different scenarios
  • Tackling customer fraud in relevance to customer service policies
  • Managing retail loss risks from e-commerce and cybersecurity and payment fraud
  • Handling threats from transportation risks and supply chain security across manufacturing and retailing processes

Key Benefits of Attending Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection Summit 2018:

  • Improve understanding and visibility over your retail multi-channels’ shrinkage
  • Develop actionable loss prevention plans with achievable P&L targets
  • Rationalise loss prevention expenditure
  • Maintaining high employees’ morale, trust and low internal thefts risk
  • Implementing security measures in place against customer thefts, ORCs and fraudulent activities
  • Be Prepared against cybersecurity threats and online payment frauds
  • Better inventories management practices on retail chain-wide and store operations
  • Upgrade staff management and logistical management practices for enhanced loss prevention

Who Will Attend?

From the following companies:

  • Retailers
  • FMCG Groups
  • Hospitality Groups

General Managers, Directors, Chiefs, Heads, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors in:

  • Retail Loss Prevention / Profit protection
  • Retail shrinkage
  • Retail
  • Inventories management
  • Commercial
  • Finance
  • MD & C-Level executives
  • Operational chiefs / Operations heads
  • Fraud Management
  • Logistics
  • Audit/Internal Audit
  • Security & Investigation
  • Supply chain management
  • Asset management / protection

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Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection 2018
06 February 2018 - 09 February 2018
Hong Kong
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