3rd Annual SME Banking Asia Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Sadat Ahmad KhanSadat Ahmad Khan
    Head - SME Banking,
    One Bank Limited (Bangladesh)
  • Haryanto SuryonotoHaryanto Suryonoto
    Head - SME Product, Business Support and Operational Risk,
    Bank Permata (Indonesia)
  • Adnan SharisAdnan Sharis
    Head - SME Banking,
  • Hui Hui LiHui Hui Li
    President - Global Business Management,
    Evergrowing Bank (China)
  • Muhammad ShodiqMuhammad Shodiq
    Vice President - Shariah & MSME Academy Head,
    CIMB Bank (Indonesia)
  • Shahzad Ahmed DurraniShahzad Ahmed Durrani
    Regional Head - Commercial Banking & SME,
    Faysal Bank (Pakistan)
  • Reynaldo OrsolinoReynaldo Orsolino
    Head - SME Banking,
    RCBC Bank (Philippines)
  • Babbar WajidBabbar Wajid
    EVP - Head of Product Development and Business Management,
    JS Bank (Pakistan)
  • Raja DebnathRaja Debnath
    Global SME Banking Advisory Services Specialist,
  • Anton HermawanAnton Hermawan
    Group Head - Digital Banking,
    Bank Sinarmas (Indonesia)
  • Paul WildPaul Wild
    Senior Manager - SME Innovation,
    Yoma Bank (Myanmar)
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Asia’s Foremost Banking Conference for SME Banking with Demanded Focus on Non-Collateral Lending, Targeting Untapped Opportunities and Products & Services Development!

I would like to give my congratulations to the EQUIP GLOBAL SME BANKING ASIA SUMMIT TEAM. The attendees were very senior who make things happen at their banks. I have been to several conferences and never I have seen one whose bonds developed in the group are so sincere and close. The attendees are even in a mobile application group! I thank Equip Global for Bringing Everyone in the SME Banking Industry Together!"Head of SME Banking, Union bank of Philippines

Featuring Award-Winning SME Banks across South East Asia, Middle East and East Asia, the 3rd Annual SME Banking Asia Summit 2018 will focus on Unsecured SME Financing for Banks across Asia in 2018!

Taking place in July this year, it will return with increased emphases on improving access to unsecured, non-collateral banks’ financing for SMEs across Asia; maximising SME Banks’ outreach to underserved segments through improved distribution both digitally & physically; as well as competitive strategies to meet SMEs’ combined needs for financial & non-financial products & services.

Summit Background

Contributing 30-60% Asian countries’ GDP and 60-90% national workforces, SME sectors represent an undeniably lucrative opportunity for commercial banks, yet heavily underserved with less than 20% total banks’ loans dedicated. Banks with more focus on SME financing have been limited by SMEs’ low creditworthiness & financial awareness; lack of credit information due to poor financial infrastructures; poor banking distribution infrastructure, resulting in high operational costs, stringent credit models, limited knowledge of SMEs’ needs and rising reliance on collateral requirements.

Despite the seemingly perpetual constraints, various commercial banks in the region have made ambitious strides toward the “untapped opportunities” through refining innovative mix of strategies in credit assessment, products & services offering as well as multichannel distribution, allowing them to grow SME deposits, loan volumes, client base and engagement while minimising NPL rates and operational expenses.

The return of 3rd Annual SME Banking Asia Summit 2018 will be an exceptional opportunity for SME Banks to build a more risk-reliant and profitable SME Banking business model through acquiring the exclusive sharing and industry intelligence from their counterparts who have faced the industry challenges with proven strategies

Key Topics of Discussion at 3rd Annual SME Banking Asia Summit 2018 include:

  • Innovative credit assessment models for improving non-collateral lending
  • Cost-effective product development approaches in meeting SMEs’ non-financial needs – opportunities and considerations
  • Extending SME financing through improved digital & physical distribution channels
  • Market positioning and targeting models for SME Banking business
  • Overcoming geographical dispersion and sectoral uncertainty of MSME lending
  • Innovative payments & collection infrastructure in SME Banking
  • Lessons learned in client analytics, segmentation approaches and product development in SME Banking
  • Diversifying risks from SME lending portfolios
  • Microfinancing and Islamic banking case studies: Challenges and practices
  • Case studies in fintech integrations with SME Banking space
  • Case studies on banks’ decentralizing & transitioning from traditional lending (corporate lending) to SME banking and unsecured SME lending
  • Operational expenses and productivity in serving SME Banking business model
  • Portfolio Growth strategies; cross-selling, sales and customer engagement challenges

Key benefits of attending SME Banking Asia Summit 2018

Excellent SME Banking platform gathering best SME Bankers, specialists
and NGOs. Presentations addressing precisely the needs for senior bankers in developing sophisticated SME financing risks management strategies beside aspects including segmentation & acquisition strategies
.” Senior Vice President – Business Banking, PT Bank UOB

  • Increase overall SME lending portfolio with focus on unsecured loans growth
  • Reduce reliance on profitability from collateral lending
  • Grow SMEs’ loan portfolio and deposit through tapping the geographically and financially underserved segments
  • Meet SMEs’ both financial and non-financial needs
  • Enhance competitiveness and differentiation through products, distribution and approval strategies
  • Acquire strategies for adopting financial technologies in SME lending processes
  • Ensure cost control in SME Banking business
  • Refine payment & collection strategies
  • Re-evaluate effectiveness of credit models and distribution channels
  • Improve exposure to exclusive industry and regulatory intelligence

Who will you meet at SME Banking Asia Summit 2018?

SME Banking Asia Annual Summits bring together senior-level strategists and decision-makers from SME Banks and related stakeholders. You will meet Head/VP/SVP/EVP/Director/Senior Manager/Manager of:

• SME Banking
• Commercial banking
• Risk Management / Risk policy / Credit Approval / Credit Risk / Credit Assessment
• Product Development
• Payment
• Retail Banking
• Emerging corporates
• Wholesale banking
• Retail Banking
• Transactional banking
• Market strategies
• Market segmentation
• Business development
• Relationship management
• Analytics
• Customer Research & Development
• Process improvement / process re-engineering

From the following sectors:

• SME Banking
• Retail Banking
• Business Banking/Commercial Banking
• Wholesale Banking
• Agricultural Banking
• Islamic Shariah Banking
• State Development Banks
• Central Bank
• Credit bureaus
• Asset Management
• Credit Scoring services
• Payment & Cards Providers


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  • Banking Technology
  • Payments & Cards Network
  • Oxford Business Group
  • Fintech Finance
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3rd Annual SME Banking Asia Summit 2018
10 July 2018 - 13 July 2018
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