Structuring and Financing PPP Projects in Africa
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Structuring and Financing PPP Projects in Africa

A study commissioned by the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) in 2011 showed that only 17% of PPP projects announced in Africa reach the implementation stage. The 3 major reasons for this lack of success in PPPs in Africa has been 1) the lack of understanding how to select and prepare bankable PPP projects 2) the lack of a clear design and implementation of policy framework and 3) at times the lack of sufficient government support or incentives, when required. PPP implementation issues have also played their part. The peculiarities of our environment (structure of our financial markets: high interest rates, lack of depth in the capital markets for capital raising and lack of exit opportunities), and inadequate capacity to efficiently execute PPPs within most public institutions, to mention a few, mean that it can be extremely challenging to deliver successful PPPs in Africa than in other markets.


To address these issues, Equip Global’s 4-day training course on Structuring and Financing PPP Projects in Africa immerses you in a dynamic PPP project execution process based entirely on real life infrastructure project situations in Africa. You will gain the requisite skills necessary for the entire lifecycle of PPPs including Project Identification, Detailed Preparation, Contract Procurement and Project Implementation. The course will also provide participants the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned and create special PPPs action plan for their own organization. By attending this 4-Day training course, you will gain practical and proven tips to structuring and financing successful PPP projects in Africa.

Benefit of Attending

  • Analysing how to identify and select successful public-private partnership projects
  • Planning and designing sensitivity analyses on key project financing variables to assess project “bankability” under different conditions
  • Evaluating effective procurement procedures for improved project development
  • Understanding the complete range of finance options available to PPPs
  • Evaluating how to structure and enhance the financial viability of PPP projects for the infrastructure sector
  • Gaining the cutting-edge strategies to engage effectively with private sectors before, during and after PPP projects
  • Illustrating how to manage and monitor the performance of your private sector contractor
  • Creating your own PPP Infrastructure Action Plan to take home and implement in your own country and organization
  • Networking with your fellow participants and leading PPP specialists, regulators, bankers, and attorneys 

Course Design

The first day of this intensive course provides teaching sessions which address the current development of PPPs and explain the fundamentals of PPPs including typical PPPs models, the structure, legal framework, major players and available funding resources of the PPP projects in Africa. These sessions will equip you with a fundamental knowledge of what really matters in PPP projects and get ready for the rest 3 days real life PPP project execution exercises.


Day two to Day four of the course will provide you with practical case-studies, hands on sessions and real-life tips on structuring and financing PPP projects in Africa.  You will gain knowledge on the whole PPP life cycle including Project Identification, Detailed Preparation, Contract Procurement, Implementation, Performance Monitoring and Conflict Resolution. At the same time a real world PPP project exercise will penetrate the learning process. You will also be placed into teams to discuss and get involved in the full project life circle and will be tasked to create an action plan for real world crossborder PPP projects in Africa, with the guidance of the expert trainer. Unlike other courses which will provide you theoretical information, Equip Global’s Structuring & Financing PPP Projects in Africa 4-Day course is solution-driven course and all information you receive are practical, implementable and will drive tangible results with minimal time and investment in your organization. Come with lots of questions and we will help you solve these issues that keep you awake at night!

Who Should Attend

  • Government Officials from National Line Ministries, State Infrastructure Agencies, or Municipal Governments
  • Officials from PPP, Privatization Units or Investment Agencies responsible for infrastructure development
  • PPP Transaction Advisors, Bankers or Project Developers involved with PPP project development
  • Staff of Bilateral and International Development Organizations

More Details

If you like more information about the training course agenda and the expert trainer details, please email

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Structuring and Financing PPP Projects in Africa
17 June 2014 - 20 June 2014
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