Subsea Power Cables Reliability and Maintenance Masterclass 2022 Live Online
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

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  • International Subsea Power Cables ExpertInternational Subsea Power Cables Expert
    Over 20 years of experience from 40 subsea cable projects!
  • Subsea Cable Industry ExpertSubsea Cable Industry Expert
    Over 10 years of subsea cable design & engineering experience
About Your Expert Trainers

Program Overview

Global focus on climate change and the Green Energy Transition, Increased investment into offshore renewable energy along with security of supply has exponentially raised the demand for subsea power cables. Subsea power cables play a critical role in the penetration of renewable energies such as wind, wave & tidal energy into the transmission grids. They are also important links for islands which can be connected to the main grids to secure their energy supply, in addition to reducing their CO2 emissions by limiting the power generation from thermal power plants

That said, Subsea cable installation, operations & maintenance is extremely difficult to manage due to a variety of uncertainties & technical challenges surrounding marine & subsea cable operations. This impacts cable reliability which is key to ensuring that energy continues to flow when and to where it is needed. Maintaining the reliability of the cables and minimising downtime is also a costly affair and a very tedious process, with the average cost of repairing a sub-sea cable being enormous and has accounted for 77% of the total financial losses in for instance global offshore wind projects. This is not to mention also how a lack of maintenance knowledge and poorly structured maintenance programs for subsea power cables can lead to a significant reduction in operational efficiency & performance thus a loss in system reliability & disruption to renewable energy generation & distribution operations.

Reliability & Maintenance is the most important part of any subsea power cable operations. This is why gathering the feedback from industry players & government stakeholders, we have developed this Subsea Power Cable Reliability & Maintenance Masterclass where we will deep dive into best practices and solutions around maintenance & reliability technical challenges in and around system & facility design, project development & evaluation, feasibility studies, maintenance and performance management, installation best practices, safety & hazard management, marine surveys, technical design & engineering of subsea cable projects, fault reduction & monitoring including electrical & thermal faults, analysis, assessment & elimination of errors at the initial stage of installation, developing robust maintenance programs, decommissioning best practices amongst others. The only masterclass globally focused on this subject!!

Through case studies, practical insights and actual project experiences, Equip Global’s interactive 4 day masterclass on Subsea Power Cables Reliability & Maintenance Masterclass taking place 7-10 February 2022, Live Online, will cover all of the above and more to provide you with information that can really help you grasp practical knowledge and develop and implement a robust Subsea Power Cable Reliability & Maintenance Program.


This event is aimed at all industry professionals with a interest & responsibility in improving the reliability, maintenance, performance & operations of subsea power cables including: cable manufacturers, cable installers, offshore & renewable energy project developers, Transmission System Operators (TSO), Distribution System Operators (DSO), energy utilities companies, government stakeholders & energy project investors. Attendees who will benefit from this masterclass include C-Level Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, Superintendents, Managers, Project Managers, Specialists, Engineers involved in:

  • Subsea power cable operations
  • Subsea power cable installation
  • Subsea power cable maintenance
  • Subsea power cable reliability
  • Subsea power cable electrical engineering
  • Subsea power cable mechanical engineering
  • Subsea power cable project engineering/project engineers
  • Asset Management/Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Wind energy operations & maintenance
  • Tidal energy operations & maintenance
  • Wave energy operations & maintenance
  • Subsea power cable design & engineering
  • Subsea power cable commissioning
  • Subsea power cable decommissioning
  • Marine Surveyors

10 Key Reasons to Attend

  • Hear in-depth market knowledge on the how to plan & implement a Robust Subsea Power
  • Hear lessons learned, case studies and best practices on predictive & preventive maintenance strategies for Subsea Power Cables
  • Gain technical and practical knowledge on fault finding including electrical & thermal faults, cable characteristics, and cable condition assessment & management
  • Find out how you can tackle challenges such as fishing activities, marine & environmental factors that could lead to subsea power cable failures
  • Learn about how you can improve your techniques & processes of Subsea power cable installation & operations
  • Gain insights on how you can reduce the costs of your subsea power cable maintenance whilst achieving optimal reliability outcomes
  • Improve the Asset Life of your Subsea Power Cables through proven strategies
  • Identify & Eliminate errors including manufacturing errors & mechanical faults at the initial stages of installation to improve cable reliability
  • Find out more about Subsea Power Cables Decommissioning
  • The ONLY Subsea Power Cable Reliability & Maintenance Training Course Globally – Don’t miss it!

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Subsea Power Cables Reliability and Maintenance Masterclass 2022 Live Online
07 February 2022 - 10 February 2022
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