2nd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Darren DavisDarren Davis
    Transport and Land Use Integration Manager,
    Auckland Council, New Zealand
  • Leslie WooLeslie Woo
    Chief Planning and Development Officer,
    Metrolinx, Toronto, Canada
  • Ferhan KhanFerhan Khan
    Senior Transport Planner & Transportation Modeller,
    Thurrock Council, London, UK
  • Mohd Salem Bin KailanyMohd Salem Bin Kailany
    Chief Executive Officer,
    PNB Development Sdn. Berhad, Malaysia
  • Rishi KothariRishi Kothari
    Project Manager & Senior Transportation Engineer,
    Ministry of Transport & Communication, Qatar
  • Monyake MoteaneMonyake Moteane
    Senior Specialist: Strategic Urban Planner,
    City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa
  • Yasser KhalilYasser Khalil
    Chief of Urban Planning Engineers,
    Ajman Municipality & Planning Department, UAE
  • Sean PartainSean Partain
    Intermediate Transport Planner,
    Missouri Department of Transportation, USA
  • Joni BabociJoni Baboci
    General Director of Planning and Urban Development,
    Tirana Municipality, Albania
  • Misha MittalMisha Mittal
    Project Manager (Urban Planning Consultant),
    Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, Abu Dhabi
  • Rishab MehanRishab Mehan
    Planner, City Planning,
    City of Toronto, Canada
  • Sanyukta SharmaSanyukta Sharma
    Associate Policy & Communication Officer,
    Chief Minister’s Office, Haryana, India
  • Salvador TanSalvador Tan
    Assistant Vice President,
    Ayala Land, Philippines
  • Graham JonesGraham Jones
    Transport for Cities, UK
  • Shailendra KaushikShailendra Kaushik
    General Manager,
    ITNL Infrastructure Developers, UAE
  • Dzung Do NguyenDzung Do Nguyen
    Senior Principal Planner,
    CPG Consultants, Singapore
  • Sonia AroraSonia Arora
    Urban Transport Expert,
    Institute of Urban Transport, India
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Equip Global’ s Leading TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT world Summit comes to KL Malaysia in October 2018!

Following the success of Equip Global’s Transit Oriented Development Summit Series, taking place between 26 - 29 November 2018, KL Malaysia, we are proud to announce that the 2nd Transit Oriented Development Summit will return bigger and better as premier networking and learning platform for senior-level decision makers from the Ministries of Transportation, National Development, and Infrastructure, Housing Authorities, Urban Development Authorities, Rail & Transport Operators, Investment firms and City Planners across Asia and globally to discuss and share insightful experience and knowledge on existing successful and future TOD master plans around the region.

The 2nd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2018 provides a unique insight on how can you enhance TOD strategies within your cities through topics focused around institutional framework on policy ground rules & regulations, successful business model and finance mechanisms, best ways to integrate land use and transport planning, success factors & mixed-use components to foster equitable & sustainable TOD model, best practices of urban design in TOD, pedestrian design for urban mobility and many more!

In addition, more international case studies on the latest project updates & future master plans will be discussed throughout the main summit and workshops to allow you to stay abreast of global trends!

What Makes 2nd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2018 A Must Attend Event:

A Proven Track Record of Quality Equip Global’ s Transit Oriented Development World Summit Series has a proven history of quality of bringing together the best of the Transit Oriented Development Industry to discuss the issues that matter now. The format of the summit is some ways is just as important as the content. 2nd Transit Oriented Development 2018, KL will be bringing together the BEST of the industry to discuss and share the latest case studies updates and clear understanding on building a liveable and sustainable TOD model

Successful International Case Studies & Future Master Plans Sharing on TOD projects updates across Asia Pacific & Globally including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, India, Japan, Dubai, Denmark, and UK amongst others. Participants will hear from the leaders who have designed and delivered many of the successful TOD projects in the world.

Interactive Discussions Join exclusive panel discussion featuring TOD Project Directors who will share practical strategies to reduce & mitigating TOD project risks, guidelines & principles to foster equitable & affordable TOD in city as well as updates on the upcoming Transit-Oriented Development projects/master plans across the region

Eye-opening Presentations Gain strategic insights from over 20+ industry experts on overcoming major challenges in areas including institutional framework on policy and regulation for TOD projects, policy design guidelines on modelling urban development, effective land use & transport planning, ideal-mixed use components lead to equitable & sustainable TOD, sustainable transport strategies, walkable pedestrian city design, support facility design within station areas, infrastructure financing options, and many more.

In-depth Workshops Attend the 5 Expert-Led Pre-Summit & Post-Summit Workshops to grasp the nuts and bolts in overcoming specific challenges in developing a successful TOD. Elevate your Summit Experience to the Next New Level!

5 Key Benefits of 2nd Attending Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2018:

  1. Exploring Institutional Framework of Policy Ground Rules & Regulations that helps to guide development in TOD processes from early planning stage, execution to reporting stage funding issues, location design guidelines, zoning policies, transit system planning and stakeholder engagement policies.
  2. Best ways to Integrate Land Use and Transport Planning - Discussing how transport infrastructure and land use spatial planning can be more integrated towards adaptive walkable communities and sustainable transport infrastructure.
  3. Selecting Ideal Mixed-Use Components to Foster Equitable & Sustainable TOD - Understand how to identify location efficiency and providing station area master plans and design guidelines that contributed sustainable and equitable TOD projects in urban areas.
  4. Exploring Effective Tools and Strategies for Funding and Financing TOD Projects to address the infrastructure funding gap for TOD projects - Building a new and secure partnership with different stakeholders such as government and project developers to maximize profitability in a long term.
  5. Extensive Networking Experience – Leverage on this golden opportunity to foster collaboration with government bodies, project developers, and rail and transport operators and strengthen the exchange of information and experience with TOD experts to in achieving a world class TOD!   

Who Will You Meet At 2nd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2018?

  • Ministries of National Development
  • Ministries of Infrastructure
  • Ministries of Transportation /Transportation Authorities
  • Urban Development Authorities
  • Housing Authorities
  • Rail Operators/ Metro Operators
  • Bus & Other Transport Operators
  • Property Investors/ Investment Firms
  • City Planners

This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Engineers, and Project Managers and Senior Executives of:

  • Planning/City /Town/ Urban Transport Planner
  • Development
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Projects (TOD/Urban Development)
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Transportation (Rail/Metro)
  • Real Estate
  • Investment

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2nd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2018
26 November 2018 - 29 November 2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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