5th Utility Scale Energy Storage Summit 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Daniel LiangDaniel Liang
    Head of ESS Advisory - APAC,
  • Khurram LalaniKhurram Lalani
    Resource Future
  • Beni SuryadiBeni Suryadi
    Manager of PFS Department,
    ASEAN Center for Energy
  • Randolph BrazierRandolph Brazier
    Director of Innovation & Electricity Systems,
    Energy Networks Association
  • Vijay ShindeVijay Shinde
    Head of New Technology Solutions,
    Siemens Energy
  • Murali HaripalanMurali Haripalan
    Technical Director,
    Bolt Industries Pte Ltd
  • Ramy EliasRamy Elias
    Regional Sales Manager - Microgrid,
    Rolls Royce
  • Moinuddin MohammedMoinuddin Mohammed
    Project Manager,
  • Muhammmad Shahzad Tariq KhanMuhammmad Shahzad Tariq Khan
    Senior Project Engineer,
  • Narsingh ChaudharyNarsingh Chaudhary
    Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Power- Asia,
    Black & Veatch
  • Jahanzeb AfzalJahanzeb Afzal
    Deputy Manager Projects,
    Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Rami OsmanRami Osman
    Energy Efficiency Specialist,
  • Nicholas WoffindenNicholas Woffinden
    MREF Power
  • Emeka OragunyeEmeka Oragunye
    Vice President, Business Development,
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Summit Overview:

The fourth edition of Utility-Scale Energy Storage is here again as leading industry practitioners share their strategies and experience on designing and engineering energy storage to harness renewable energy while achieving decarbonization and sustainability goals. In addition, understand the true value of a hybrid storage system and find the perfect balance to meet your capacity demands!

With the emergence and growing reliance on renewable energy sources as core administrators of energy and electricity, overburden by rapid decarbonizing energy systems and plummeting costs of wind, solar and nonhydroelectric technology, the race is on as electric utility scout for sustainable large scale utility energy storage, and at low cost. That said, many challenges still exist which include the technical, engineering, planning, maintenance, implementation, commercialization and project management aspects of utility scale energy storage and the 5th Utility Scale Energy Storage Summit 2022 aims to discuss and deliberate best practices and proven strategies around these key areas to ensure your project success.

Join the industry conversations at the 5th Utility-Scale Energy Storage Summit 2022, an exclusive opportunity to indulge in most talked about technical and commercial frameworks supporting rising energy demands, while expanding your renewable storage capabilities through exclusive sharing sessions and industry intelligence in emerging technologies for sustainability planning.

What makes it a MUST ATTEND?

This summit is dedicated to bringing practical and discerning sharing from industry veterans to adopt and improve electrification and renewable integration solution that is fit for purpose, aimed at balancing energy security and sustainability commitments while meeting the power demands of growing economies and populations.


  • Energy Storage Economics, Costs and Performance Improvements: Hear from seasoned Grid Operators, Energy Storage Companies, Power Utilities Leaders and Network Planners as they share practical experiences and critical lessons learned in tackling economic barriers, costs and economies of scales challenges of high penetration of distributed energy resources to unlock exponential value in utility networks. Plus! Hear how you can plan and implement business models that allow the economical sustainability of your Utility Scale Energy storage projects
  • Resolve Your Technical & Implementation Challenges Through Case Studies & Workshops: Hear case study presentations from industry leaders on how to overcome design, technical, engineering, Implementation and Roll Out of Utility Scale Energy Storage Projects! PLUS! Attend the 4 Pre-& Post Summit workshops to explore the rising energy storage systems variation and understand the dangers of variable renewable energy, safeguarding storage assets and infrastructure performance, and tackle forecasting uncertainty. In addition, unlock value-staking with confidence!
  • Mastering Grid Modernization: Leverage grid modernization and be prepared to unlock the full potential of your batteries. By adopting smart grid and smart technologies, enjoy reliable and resistant power grid that seamlessly integrates all sources of electricity. Easily measure, analyze, predict, protect, and control the grid of the future.
  • Working Towards Energy Security and Self-Sufficiency: Growing trends proved that turning to renewable energy storage vastly reduce dependence on energy imports while enhancing ecological, technical, and commercial benefits. Join the panel discussions and discover how to achieve energy security and sufficiency through energy strategy with best-in-class sharing from energy storage industry leaders, grid experts and renewable energy project managers
  • Global Movement towards renewables:  Be engaged in the intriguing summit topics as the speakers share global sustainability and emission goals and strategies you can adopt to ensure your organization is well-positioned with the global movement towards renewables. Join the movement to create low-cost, low-toxicity, and safe batteries that will revolutionize energy storage

Who Should Attend:

From Across Government Agencies, Ministries of Energy & Resources, Power Utilities Companies, Power Producers & Renewable Energy Companies:

Chiefs/Heads / Vice Presidents/ Directors / Managers/ Senior Executives/Engineers/Technical Specialistsof

  • Energy Storage
  • Battery Storage
  • Grid Operations
  • Engineering
  • Market Development
  • Network Planning
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Project Development
  • Autonomous Power Control  
  • Innovation and Emerging Markets
  • Sustainability

Heads / Vice Presidents/ Directors / Managers/ Senior Executives of:

  • Smart Grid/Soft Grid Developers
  • Energy storage equipment manufacturers and technology providers
  • Energy storage service providers and system integrators
  • Energy Storage System Installers
  • Transmission and distribution equipment suppliers
  • Battery manufacturers and component providers
  • Technology providers in the renewables space
  • Industry consultants


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5th Utility Scale Energy Storage Summit 2022
28 March 2022 - 31 March 2022
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