Collaborative Scenario Planning Masterclass 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Your Expert Trainers

  • International Scenario Planning and Management ExpertInternational Scenario Planning and Management Expert
    Consulted over 500 projects on scenario planning and management
  • International Scenario Planning and Management ExpertInternational Scenario Planning and Management Expert
    Worked on over 200 projects globally!
About Your Expert Trainers

Program Overview

The future is always uncertain & unpredictable, and organizations continuously have to deal with change. Company Decision Makers & Executives, Planners and policy makers typically make decisions as though their models and forecasts are accurate. This can lead to major problems and inefficiencies; infrastructure is built and management decisions are made with one future in mind and things can turn out quite differently in practice. The challenges are exacerbated as uncertainty and complexity increase

Collaborative Scenario planning offers a powerful strategy to predicting and planning for a single anticipated future by helping decision-makers and other stakeholders to think about and compare their proposals to multiple possible futures and plausible scenarios. Not only it provides you with a highly practical technique to foresee and better understand how your future business environment could evolve, it gives you practical value in visualizing different ways your particular market and business terrain could change, make better long-term plans based around a structured and logical process, and offer you solutions that will perform satisfactorily under a range of plausible future conditions. Scenarios are constructed by considering the present state of the issue in question and identifying: Key drivers of change in the system, factors expected to remain constant, critical uncertainties that may lead to divergent futures, and the key actors involved. Each scenario represents a different possible future along the intersecting axis of uncertainty. Scenario planning can involve hundreds of scenarios and quantitative analysis, or be more qualitative in nature, using as few as four scenarios to explore options against a small set of very different possible futures that are descriptive in nature.

Collaborative Scenario planning is of course not without its challenges. Decision-makers and other stakeholders usually find scenarios – and the act of scenario planning - highly illuminating, but the translation of any new insights into practice difficult. This is where Equip Global’s Collaborative Scenario Planning Masterclass will be beneficial to you and your team as we use practical case studies, global insights and best practices to help you develop skillsets and frameworks on using scenario planning to better integrate into decision-making in practice, yielding tangible improvements in outcomes.

How do you develop relevant future scenarios for your organization? Which scenarios can you employ, and how do you apply the concept of scenario planning? How can you translate these scenarios to your strategy or business model?How can you leverage the passion and expertise of your employees and management team in this scenario planning process? How do you model your strategy into a strategy map and strategy architecture? What do you need in order to successfully implement the desired and necessary changes in your organization?

All these and more will be discussed and resolved in a step-by-step manner, when you attend Equip Global’s highly rated Collaborative Scenario Planning Masterclass this coming 4-6 July 2022, Live Online!

10 Key Benefits of Attending

  • Gain insights and master the different phases in scenario planning to achieve maximum success
  • Learn how to build scenarios and plausible situations based around logic and amidst market uncertainty
  • Apply scenario planning to business innovation and transformation
  • Improve your knowledge on principles of collaborative scenario planning and ensure all your stakeholders are onboard the process
  • Mapping your company’s possible futures through scenario planning and mitigate potential risks that could occur in your roadmap
  • Creating scenarios, making decisions based on different scenarios and ensuring your scenarios positively impact business strategy
  • Learn how to use Scenario Planning Effectively for Corporate Strategy formation & strategy map development
  • Bridging the gap between strategy and foresight by learning tools to effectively analyze many possible futures, their needed capabilities, reinvent your company culture and define priorities
  • Monitoring & Measuring your Strategies based around your scenario planning, develop effective KPIs and ensure you get actual business improvements & results from scenario planning
  • Hear case studies & global best practices on effective scenario planning so that you can apply it within your organization’s context immediately


Equip Global’s Collaborative Scenario Planning Masterclass will provide attendees with a hands-on understanding and practical learning insights into how to use scenario planning techniques to improve business strategy & foresight in an uncertain world. It is suitable for professions who are responsible for strategy development, strategic planning or hold leadership roles and are looking for new ways of thinking about strategy to improve business decision making and strategy development. This could include but not limited to Board Members, Policy makers, Government Officers, C-Level Executives, Heads & Managers of Departments from across industry verticals including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy
  • Commercial
  • Marketing
  • Planning
  • Corporate Planning
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Development
  • Sales Management
  • Transformation
  • New Markets
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Production
  • Engineering

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Collaborative Scenario Planning Masterclass 2022
04 July 2022 - 06 July 2022
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