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Past CNS/ATM Project experiences Included:

  • Civil Aviation Authority Singapore – Was the Strategic Program Director in charge of the LORADS III CNS/ATM System Implementation. LORADS III is the new air traffic control system of Changi Airport; which replaced the current system, LORADS II. LORADS III will feature state-of-the-art designs and leverage on cutting edge technologies that will enable air traffic controllers to handle increasing air traffic safely beyond the next decade. LORADS III will also employ advanced surveillance and communication technologies to build in tighter safety nets and streamline air traffic management processes.
  • Japan Civil Aviation Bureau – Was the Program Manager and Senior ATM Consultant in charge of the Next Generation ATC Automation System and was aimed at defining the Requirements for Trajectory Prediction and Flight Object data handling for the Next Generation ATC Automation System in Japan. In another project, he was in charge of the study of operational requirements under dynamic and flexible use of En-Route Sector and prepared, organized and led the ATM Operational Assessment for the Japan Airspace.
  • Aerothai/Suvarnabhumi Airport – Responsible for the airport’s integrated air traffic control system and the objective of the program was to provide a fully integrated gate-to-gate solution for Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok. The fully integrated Air Traffic Management system comprises the Eurocat air traffic management system, as well as primary, secondary and airport surface movement radars, a STREAMS surface movement and guidance control system coupled with a TECOS* tower system, voice communications, a multilateration system and a complete NavAids package (ILS/DME, DVOR/DME). Technical Expertise involved include Advanced CNS/ATM (Communication Navigation Surveillance / Air Traffic Management) solutions and technologies, Advanced Disaster Recovery capabilities and the Safety management process.
  • Airports of Thailand – Was the Program Manager and ATM Team Leader in charge reviewing the appropriate options for the development of the two Bangkok airports, with a focus on safety of air traffic control and airspace efficiency. Also responsible for the preparation, organization and leading of the ATM Operational Assessments for the Bangkok Area.
  • Nigeria Airspace Management Agency – Was the Program Manager in charge of the WGS-84 Surveying of 22 Nigerian Airports and the Upgrading of its PBN Project, aimed at developing RNAV (GNSS) for 22 airports within the country.
  • Nokia Siemens Network – Was the strategy director in helping the organization expand into the CNS/ATM/Aviation Market.
  • Public Authority of Civil Aviation – Team Leader in charge of the development of Air Transport Policy and the Assessment of Opportunities for Air Transport Liberalization.
  • Dubai International Airport – Program Director of the ATM 2020 Study which was focused on developing the appropriate strategy for 2 Dubai Airports (DXB and DWC).
  • Hong Kong Airport Authority – Program Manager in charge of Integrated Noise Modelling.
  • Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration – Was the Senior Consultant in charge of the Aerodromes Assessment – 2009 External Audit and was in charge of reviewing the aerodrome safety certification process and the degree of implementation and compliance at Taoyuan International Airport (TCAA), Kaohsiung International Airport and Songshan International Airport.
  • Ministry of Transport, Directorate General of Civil Aviation – Was the Program Manager in charge of the project of supporting the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation on drafting two roadmaps, one to prepare Indonesia for the implementation of the ASEAN Open Skies and one to identify and to implement measures to mitigate the impact of the Aviation Industry on the climate change.
  • Vietnam Air Traffic Management – Worked as the Strategy Program Director for a project focused on providing a state-of-the art system to increase the interoperability with adjacent Air Traffic Management centres such as those in Bangkok, Singapore, Manila and Hong Kong, and to improve the efficiency, the surveillance and the safety of the HCM airspace. The Ho Chi Minh Area and Approach Control Centre (AACC) consists of controller working positions in the Area Control Centre in Ho Chi Minh and in the Approach and Tower Control Centre for Tan Son Nhat Airport. The Ho Chi Minh AACC also has the capability to be used as a backup of Hanoi AACC. In addition, the system includes a simulator in HCM. Key responsibilities include defining and implementing the technical strategy as well as specifying the CNS/ATM requirements. Technical Expertise involved include Advanced CNS/ATM (Communication Navigation Surveillance / Air Traffic Management) solutions and technologies, Advanced Disaster Recovery capabilities and the Safety management process.
  • Air Services Australia – Worked as the Integration Manager in charge of leading the integration team factory and on site to successfully implement and deliver TAAATS. He also Led the technical validation team to verify and to qualify the system and the nationwide disaster recovery implementation and validation. Technical and Project Experience expertise was provided in New CNS/ATM Technologies: ADS-C, CPDPLC, Flight Plan Conflict Probe, ADS-B, Distributed Unix Architecture, Nationwide data communication network etc. TAAATS covers 56 million square kilometres, is equivalent to some 11% of the world's surface and is divided into 2 Flight Information Regions. TAAATS controlled airspace includes radar controlled airspace, continental non-radar airspace and oceanic airspace; incorporates a radar network extending down the east coast of Australia and to other major cities; and includes 23 towers.
  • Civil Aviation Authority Singapore – Worked as the Integration Manager in charge of Leading the integration team in factory and on site to successfully implement and deliver LORADS II as well leading the technical validation team to verify and to qualify the system. Technical and project management expertise was provided in New CNS/ATM Technologies: ADS-C, CPDPLC, Flight Plan Conflict Probe, ADS-B, etc. The Lorads II system manages terminal and approach control in Singapore, interfaces with the military and manages large volumes of enroute traffic throughout the Flight Information Region which extends northwards through the South China Sea.
  • Incheon International Airport – Responsible for the program management of the CNS/ATM System Integrated Project. The Incheon air traffic system provides terminal and approach control for new Incheon International Airport as well as approach and terminal control for Gimpo airport. The Incheon International Airport is one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in Asia and is the largest airport in North East Asia, with the second largest number of traffic movements in Asia. Technical and Project Expertise was provided on this large scale project management as well as intensive coordination between development/implementation teams located on different continents.

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CNS/ATM Planning Masterclass
17 July 2017 - 21 July 2017
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